maandag 13 oktober 2014


lolo is a boy

a writer, photographer, performer, conceptual fine artist, 
desinger, creative director, provocateur. 

Born in a far away land, raised in Katwijk (TheNetherlands) near the sea, still
with the salty winds in his hair, spreading the wings to Rotterdam & Amsterdam.

Exhibitions at for example Meneer Malasch Amsterdam, Performances at
Showroom MAMA Rotterdam.
Internship at Amsterdam based artist Martin C. de Waal.
His first solo exhibition at the 'Impact Hub' Rotterdam, a global organisation/
network, in 2012 called ©MENS.

Graduated Art & Desinger (2009/2013) Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam.
Studying Text & Image (2013/....) Gerrit Rietveld Academie

His work touches and plays with, gender, society, religion. Via text, image,
performances and his daily life.

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